I’ve been very fortunate to work with many great people over the years.

Rather than think of these very talented and dedicated individuals, organizations, and businesses as either 1) clients to be served or 2) constituents or dependents to be taken care of, I view them as collaborators and co-creators with agency of their own and much to teach me.

I hope to continue to add to this list:

A Better City

Arcus Consulting Group LLC, Washington, DC

Ann Clark Architect, Chicago, IL

Build Health International, Beverly, MA

Boston Society of Architects

City of Chicago

Coleman Properties, Chicago, IL

Delta Institute, Chicago, IL

49th Ward, Chicago, IL

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Cambridge, MA

Holly Hunt, Chicago, IL

Humanitarian Open Street Map Team (HOT OSM)

J/P Haitian Relief Organization, Port-au-Prince, Haiti / Los Angeles, CA

Internews, London, UK

OBI Deconstruction, Chicago, IL

Meister Consulting Group, Inc.

Mr. Tacos, Chicago, IL

Rebuilding Exchange, Chicago, IL

The Reuse People of America, Oakland, CA

Repkin Biosystems, Chicago, IL

San Juan Obrero Mission, Chicago, IL

Suites on the Lake, Chicago, IL

True Nature Foods, Chicago, IL

United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT)

Waggoner Ball Architects, New Orleans, LA

Youth Job Center, Evanston, IL