‘Field office’, Delmas 32, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Photo: Michelle Marrion.

Client/employer: J/P Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO)

Role: Redevelopment Program Manager

Partners: Haven International (contractor capacity building), Build Change (housing seismic retrofits), Architectes de l’urgence (design, construction, and construction management), Architecture for Humanity (design and construction management), MTPTC (Haitian Ministry of Public Works); local builders

J/P HRO Project team: Dave Hampton, Program Manager; Clara Shipman, Intern Architect; Paolo Zorzoli, Project Manager; Anna Calogero (home repairs), Project Manager; Jack Bolland (healthcare, community, special projects), Pete Connolly (healthcare, community); Project Manager; Ben Rheinbold, Translator; Reynald Romelus, Community Organizer; Siobhan Kennedy, Project Manager (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene)

Responsible for helping guide the organization’s approach to strengthening the dense urban communities of Port-au-Prince to which J/P HRO’s beneficiaries were returning from internally displaced persons (IDP) camps.
Managed a team of architects, engineers, and builders to plan and implement community resilience project portfolio.

Projects included:

Haiti Helping People Home
• retrofitted 45 homes for 97 families
• community center seismic retrofit
• local schools seismic retrofit and expansion
• 2 medical clinic seismic retrofit / adaptive reuse; serves an average of 800 patients weekly.
• Kay Kat Fanmi/Kay Solid: new multifamily residential – design and construction of model 2-family home prototype.
• water distribution network analysis and repair
• implementation of earthquake- and hurricane-resistant design and construction standards – organization-wide and community-wide
• World Bank-funded

Lessons learned

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